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Well, let�s see � where do I begin? I live in New York (and the only clue I�m giving you is that it�s not New York City) and have lived there all my life. I have a B.S degree in Geology and a M.S. degree in Geosciences. That�s a pretty broad term, I know. Strictly speaking I�m a sedimentologist and I�m a member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG). Go here for more details about that.

Interested in reading my M.S. thesis? Can�t see how you would be, but just in case you�re curious, it�s here (it�s a PDF file so you�ll need Acrobat Reader to read it).

I work for an environmental consulting firm, mostly doing clerical work but will be doing more field work in the near future.

My hobbies include reading, writing, art (both graphic art and drawing), and creating and maintaining websites.

I don�t have a good recent photo, so here�s something I created at www.dollzmania.com. It�s a pretty good representation of me, I think. Oh, and the little dog is supposed to be my beagle Penny (though she�s a lot bigger than that in real life).

I am nerdier than 32% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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And here�s all (okay, some) of the stuff I�m interested in �

Rodney is your SGA buddy!
McKay: Shut up and think quick, if you lived on
Atlantis you'd be spending your time with Dr
Rodney McKay and neither of you would have a
moment to spare if you're working on some
doohickey with the potential to determine life
or death...

Who would be your best Stargate Atlantis buddy?
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"You are pointless Daniel episode 'Torment of
Tantalus'. You are in tune with a naked man -
unfortunately it's not Jack. Prizing knowledge
above your own life is stupid, but some people
think it's cute. What idiots!"

What pointless Daniel episode are you?
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You are Season 1

What Stargate SG-1 season are you?
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What Daniel Jackson Expression Are You?

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You are Daniel, would you marry me?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: You are open minded and
considerate - basically an all around nice
person ... and did I mention stubborn?

Which Stargate Character Are You? (Now with pictures)
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Who's Your Stargate Mate? (For Girls)

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You scored as Daniel Jackson.

Daniel Jackson


Janet Fraiser


Sam Carter


Jonas Quinn


General Hammond




Jack O'Neill


What Stargate SG-1 Character Are You?
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You scored as Rodney. You are Rodney McKay, and while you tend to be a little full of yourself, there is no question you are a good man with a good heart. You would lay down you life for someone else, even those you are afraid to.













Which Stargate Atlantis Charcter are you Most Like
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You scored as Rodney McKay.

Rodney McKay


Cam Mitchell


Carson Beckett


Daniel Jackson


Aiden Ford


Ronon Dex




John Sheppard


Jack O'Neill


Who Is Your Stargate Boyfriend?
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You're Major Samantha Carter!

Which Female Character from Stargate SG-1 are You?
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You like Archaeologist Daniel! A classic.
You like Archaeologist Daniel!

How do you like your Daniel Jackson?
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You are the master! You are either a beta or should be one. However, you could possibly be anal. It's a toss-up.
You are the master! You are either a beta or should
be one. However, you could possibly be anal.
It's a toss-up.

Know Your Stargate Spellings
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Like Daniel your in awe!
Awed Daniel

What Kind Of Daniel Are You? (Stargate SG-1)
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You like McKay/Weir. You appreciate a mature
relationship that doesn't need a lot of
outward signs to be legitimate. You see
Rodney and Elizabeth as two equal partners
with enough of the same views to make them
compatible, but enough different to make
their relationship interesting.

What is Your Stargate Atlantis Preferred Ship?
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Daniel is your fantasy. You like that he's smart,
caring, and cute.

Who is your Stargate fantasy man? (Ver. 2.0)
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Congratulations, your adorable!!
You're Daniel: Long and Lovely

What's Your Daniel Headress?? (Stargate SG-1)
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Your results:
You are Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
Samantha Carter
Dr. Frasier
Jack O'Neill
General Hammond
A Goa'uld
You are sensitive to the needs of
others and are a good communicator.
You always stand up for the little guy.
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What's Your Daniel Fetish?

The Eyes
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Which Stargate SG1 ship are you?(with pics)

Daniel/Sam. Some see this relationship as brother and sister but you know there is more to it than that. Both of them understand each other being the brains of SG1.Best Scene: When Daniel is dying of radiation poisoning and Sam says to the extent of you bring out the best in people. and it's really cute.
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