The Official Stargate SG-1 Convention Tour 2004

July 10th & 11th

Burbank, CA


Note: It may contain spoilers for season 8 opener.



~I woke up at about 7:30 AM and started getting ready.

~For the last few months I have been busy designing (and redesigning) and sewing my outfit. Now, I could’ve gone and done with the BDU’s and it would have been fine. But, those were too boring.

~My best friend, with a bad earache but came anyway, came by to pick me up around 9 AM. We arrived at the Hyatt Convention Center at around 10:00. While we waited, we passed out mini-Snickers to everyone that were waiting in line to buy the tickets. We waited in line until they started letting people in at about 11:00. By the time we got in and got our seats it was around 11:45.

~At 12:30 Carmen Argenziano (Jacob/Selmak) went on stage. The poor guy kept getting interrupted. When he got on stage everyone was loud, including me. Carmen joked around and started taking off his jacket. First, someone pulled the fire alarm to be funny. The alarm went on for about 5 to 8 minutes until someone shut it off. And then there were people in the back making tons of noise in which Carmen asks: “What, are they moving the Stargate,” or something to that effect. We all laughed and carried on.

~At 1:05 Tony Amendola (Bra’Tac) came on next. When he came on he said: “I was a little alarmed. I heard Carmen started taking off his clothes, then the fire alarm went off so I started running!” or something like that. Tony talked about his outfit was so heavy. He said it’s about 60 pounds. And how sweaty he got under the helmet.

~There was a Stargate Trivia Contest at 2:00, which we didn’t stay for. We had lunch instead. And my friends ear was starting to hurt, from the elevation change.

~At 2:30 David Winning (Director for Stargate Atlantis) was on. We didn’t see him either. We were looking at all of the dealer tables and bought some shirts.

~At 3:00 there was this Stargate SG-1 Comics thing from Avatar Press, which we didn’t see cause we were still at the dealers room.

~Then at 3:20 Peter Williams (Apophis) took the stage. He was cool. He has this neat Jamaican accent in real life. He also complained about the helmet and told us that the gold paint kept flaking off from the sun so they had to keep spraying it.

~At 3:50 Doug Yellin was here and discussed the Stargate SG-3000 attraction that will be at various Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Parks. I can’t wait for this ride to be finished. Unfortunately we had to leave in the middle cause it was so loud we got a huge headache. So I missed most of the stuff. But, the ride looks awesome from what I could get to see.

~ At 4:35 there was the Stargate No Minimum Auction Bid. The most impressive item that they bid was a script from an episode that Christopher Judge wrote in season 7 (I can’t remember the title, sorry), that Chris and (the most important one) Richard Dean Anderson! Now as most of the Conventioneers know, RDA never goes to Cons and hardly signs anything anymore. So when this was shown to everyone the whole audience gasped. We were all surprised. The script went for $400-$450 and in went to A Make a Wish Foundations.

~At 5:05 Don S. Davis (General Hammond) went on stage. We got really emotional at times. The time that really stood out was when someone asked him what it was like not being apart of Stargate. Don got choked up. This man is truly inspirational.

~Before we left we stayed around for Todd Masters (Special Effects guy for the Stargate Franchise) at 5:45 and then we watched all of the teaser trailers for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis just for kicks.



~We arrived at the Hyatt Convention Center at around 10:00. We waited in line until they started letting people in at about 11:00. We didn’t have any snacks with us to pass out this time. By the time we got in and got our seats it was around 11:45.

~At 12:25 Jonathan Glassner (Co-creator and among other titles of Stargate SG-1) came on stage to start the second day of the Con. There was some interesting questions, some of which he had trouble answering.

~Then at 1:00 we had lunch while the auction was going on. We weren’t really interested in it this time.

~At 1:35 Christopher Judge went on stage. I gotta tell you, this guy does not stop! He was so funny, sweet, and loves to interact with fans. It was laugh a minute with him and it was great! When it was time for Michael to come on, everyone booed. We wanted him to stay on longer.

~But that was okay because Michael Shanks came on at 2:20. Let me tell you, this guy is hotter in person! While he was talking about his fellow cast members, unknown to Michael, Amanda and Chris stuck their heads out underneath the large screen. The audience laughed and when Michael looked behind him Amanda and Chris’ heads were gone. That happened one more time until finally Amanda came out. When Chris wouldn’t come out Michael called out to him: “Chris, get out here you Rat Bastard!” Oh, it was hilarious! After they visited for about 5 minutes Amanda and Chris left back stage and Michael continued with the questions.

When he went to sign the 4 posters hanging up on stage, it took him forever to chose where to sign. He also drew a cute little heart w/ an arrow going through it with the words Mom below it. It took Michael so long to sign Creation put a sign on the big screen saying “Now please sign each chair”. And Michael looked at the audience and put on his “Very funny” smile.

~Amanda Tapping went on stage after Michael at around 3:05. She is really sweet. Toward the end of the session a little Asian girl went up stage and gave her a picture that the little girl drew of Sam. Amanda was truly touched by this and could barely speak she was all choked up.

~3:50 was the Trivia Competition again. We didn’t go. My friend and I used this time to go look around at the dealers tables again.

~Then at 4:20 we (or I. My friend had used her money on other things) got autographs from Michael and Amanda. (The promo pic from the Season 2 episode ‘1969’.)

~And finally we got to watch the Season 8 opener of Stargate at 6:20. (The autographs took forever!) After the ‘Dream sequence’ in Sam’s mind a fan yelled really loud, “Yup, it’s a nightmare!” It took everyone a moment to calm down after that. You could tell that mostly everyone in the audience was against Sam/Pete relationship. Of course I am. I am a proud Sam/Daniel Rebel!

~We left at around 7:25 PM and didn’t get home until 8:45.


Needless to say I had a great time. Creation Entertainment did pretty well for their first Official Stargate Convention. I still haven’t recovered fully from it.


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