The Grand Slam Summit Convention

Pasadena, CA

Sunday; March 13, 2005


***Note: There may be spoilers!!***

My friend and I arrive at the Pasadena Center at 9:30am. The doors open at 11am. So we have some time to kill. We pretty much spent the entire time talking with the other early birds. The time flew by pretty quickly.

Once we get in, we go straight for the Dealer’s Room. Since Michael, Chris, and Peter (Williams) won’t be on stage until 12:30pm, we had yet some more time to kill. So, we shopped, and shopped, and shopped. We got Stargate earrings with the earth symbol, a Stargate key chain that we turned into necklaces. I got two shirts, an Atlantis Pen and a few badges from SG-1, Atlantis, and ST: Enterprise.

At 12:30 Michael, Chris and Peter came on-stage. Oh, boy, are these guys crazy!! And it was a monumental event. According to Chris, “This is the first convention Michael and I have been to when we weren’t drunk or hungover!” or something like that. During the questions, there was one point where there were several just for Michael. Chris and Peter got up, moved their chairs backward, and then sat back down.

And then Creation put up a pic of Michael from the season ep. “Prometheus Unbound”. Chris kept making gay jokes at Michael. He did this for the entire hour. During the panel, in which Chris would spas out on everyone, Chris would say: “ADD just doesn’t spell add!!” ^_^

Here’s a spoiler: Daniel will have a beard and mustache for the first three episodes of season 9.

A man came up to ask if Michael could give his girlfriend hug. She is a huge a fan and have Michael’s picks everywhere in her room. This is the point where Chris ask how the mans sex life was. (Heheh) Michael did give her a hug, but ask everyone not to ask for anymore hugs.

Slash. That was the final subject matter for their one hour Q & A segment. Michael was telling us that at the Con in Dallas, just a week or two earlier, someone ask him what he thought of Daniel/Thor slash. Then Peter and Chris started to go on about Daniel/Teal’c slash. At that moment Creation put up a pic of Chris, Michael, and Richard Dean Anderson. Chris commented again how guy they looked. And then a fan popped up and gave Chris a manipulated pic of Teal’c and Daniel. Chris, in turn showed, us, the audience.

Directly afterward, there was the PhotoOp with Michael. *Squeal* It’s been a week since then and I still grin every time I wee the pic. He’s so handsome. And his eyes are gorgeous. The scruffy look looks really good on Michael. But, not on Daniel. Danny should be clean shaven.

After the PhotoOp, my friend and I went to lunch across the street. At around 3pm (Which was when we were finished eating), we headed back over to the Dealer’s room one more time before we left. I managed to get my hands on an autographed pic of Richard Dean Anderson. Apparently he’s signing pics again, but for charity.

After we spent all of our money, we headed home. All in all I , clearly, had a great time and I’m already making planes for the Con in Burbank this year.