Season 1 Episode 5 – The First Commandment

By Jess

Brief Summary:

On a planet with very high UV radiation, SG-1 encounter a Captain Jonas Hansen – a man who’d come to be worshipped as a god by the indigenous people found there. He takes it a little too far and believes he is a god himself, making the people toil endlessly in order to be rewarded with salvation. He refers to the Stargate as a doorway to the underworld, and SG-1 as demons. They are forced to neutralize him after he captures Jack. Oh, yeah, and he had also been romantically involved with Sam at some point in the past …

The S/D Point of View:

When dusk arrives, SG-1 sets up a sort of security system to let them know if any intruders plan on paying them a visit during the night. Sam and Daniel are sitting together around the campfire. Daniel is suffering through another horrible MRE, telling Sam that it tastes like chicken. Sam: So what’s wrong with that? Daniel: This is macaroni and cheese. Awww, poor Daniel…

When SG-1 are walking around on the planet, Daniel and Sam have a discussion about Jonas. Daniel says something about him wanting to control the people and Sam says that it sounds familiar. Daniel asks her, “What did you see in him?” He avoids Sam’s face before he asks, and from the look on his face, as well as his tone of voice, it sounds like he could be just a tad jealous. ;) There are a few laughs when Sam says that she thinks she’s been attracted to the lunatic fringe, and the camera suddenly cuts to Jack. Hmm…

Jack takes off to find a way to rescue Connor, leaving Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c alone. Sam then witnesses one of Hansen’s lackeys beating a native and decides to put an end to it. Daniel immediately shows concern when he asks where she’s going. When Sam tells him, Teal’c says she will be captured. Daniel says, “And you think that’s a plan?” He suggests that Sam wait until Jack gets back. He is clearly concerned for her and does not want her going off to do this. When she leaves, he turns and says to Teal’c, “We should have stopped her.”

Sure enough, Sam is captured. Daniel sees this through his binoculars as Jack returns. He then gestures toward Sam and tries to explain, but appears at a loss for words. Could it be because he is worried about her?

While Sam is in the cave with Jonas, Jack, Daniel and Teal’c have recruited Jamala, a young native who was beaten by Jonas’ lackey (whose name was Baker, I believe) for allegedly not working hard enough. Jack tells Daniel that he cannot leave Connor out there another day to die. Daniel is the one to acknowledge that Sam needs help as he says, “We also have to do something about Captain Carter.”

Although things turn out all right in the end (except for Hansen that is), this is pretty much the extent of the S/D moments. All in all, there were some nice ones in here, showing how Sam and Daniel are still growing more comfortable together, and even a small “bonding” type of scene as they’re walking through the woods.

Sam/Daniel moment count: 4

Shippiness factor: 4