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from a S/D point-of-view!

Here you'll find mini episode guides, detailing all (if any) the Sam/Daniel moments found in each of the episodes, with some pictures.  In some cases, especially to the non-shipper, these are debatable, and some episodes don't have any S/D at all.  In any case, I hope you enjoy them. And if there's anything you'd like to contribute to an episode guide (insights, pics, etc.), please email me.  Enjoy. :)


Season 1:

Children of the Gods Brief Candle Cor-Ai
The Enemy Within Thor's Hammer Enigma
Emancipation Torment of Tantalus Solitudes
The Broca Divide Bloodlines Tin Man
The First Commandment Fire and Water There But For the Grace of God
Cold Lazarus Hathor Politics
The Nox Singularity Within the Serpent's Grasp


Season 2:

The Serpent's Lair Secrets Serpent's Song
In the Line of Duty Bane Holiday
Prisoners The Tok'ra One False Step
The Gamekeeper The Tok'ra, Part II Show and Tell
Need Spirits 1969
Thor's Chariot Touchstone Out of Mind
Message in a Bottle A Matter of Time  
Family The Fifth Race  


Season 3:

Into the Fire Rules of Engagement A Hundred Days
Seth Forever in a Day Shades of Grey
Fair Game Past and Present New Ground
Legacy Jolinar's Memories Maternal Instinct
Learning Curve The Devil You Know Crystal Skull
Point of View Foothold Nemesis
Deadman Switch Pretense  
Demons Urgo  


Season 4:

Small Victories Scorched Earth Absolute Power
The Other Side Beneath the Surface The Light
Upgrades Point of No Return Prodigy
Crossroads Tangent Entity
Divide and Conquer The Curse Double Jeopardy
Window of Opportunity The Serpent's Venom Exodus
Watergate Chain Reaction  
The First Ones 2010  


Season 5:

Enemies Between Two Fires Fail Safe
Threshold 2001 The Warrior
Ascension Desperate Measures Menace
The Fifth Man Wormhole X-Treme! The Sentinel
Red Sky Proving Ground Meridian
Rite of Passage 48 Hours Revelations
Beast of Burden Summit  
The Tomb Last Stand  


Season 6:

Full Circle


Season 7:

Fallen Avenger 2.0 Heroes, Part I
Homecoming Birthright Heroes, Part II
Fragile Balance Evolution, Part I Inauguration
Orpheus Evolution, Part II The Lost City, Part I
Revisions Grace The Lost City, Part II
Lifeboat Fallout  
Enemy Mine Chimera  
Space Race Death Knell  


Season 8:

New Order, Part I Covenant Citizen Joe
New Order, Part II Sacrifices Reckoning, Part I
Lockdown Endgame Reckoning, Part II
Zero Hour Gemini Threads
Icon Prometheus Unbound Moebius, Part I
Avatar It's Good To Be King Moebius, Part II
Affinity Full Alert


Season 9:

Beachhead Ripple Effect Camelot
Ex Deus Machina Stronghold
Babylon Ethon
Prototype Off the Grid
The Fourth Horseman, Part 1 The Scourge
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 Arthur's Mantle
Collateral Damage Crusade


Season 10:

Flesh and Blood
The Quest, Part 1
The Quest, Part 2
The Pegasus Project
The Shroud
Counterstrike Talion
Memento Mori
Family Ties
In the Company of Thieves

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