If Only


By Spacemonkey_jackson


Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate. I am borrowing two favorite couple.

(A/N: Thanks to Jess for the inspiration. Shameless plug: http://thesciencetwins.com And the forum where Jess gave me the idea: http://thesciencetwins.com/v-web/bulletin/bb/index.php. This is a Missing scene fic from season’s two 1969. And it’s my first Missing Scene fic as well. Go me! Enjoy and review as always. It‘s greatly appreciated.)

If Only

They had just dropped off Jack and Teal’c at the Observatory. Michael then drove to Young Catherine’s house. Sam and Daniel stepped out of the bus when they had arrived. Sam stopped half way up the stairs.
"Daniel, who am I supposed to be?" Sam asked.
Daniel pauses, looks back to her smiles and tells her, “You're my girlfriend.”
Sam smiled as she followed Daniel up the steps to Catherine’s home. If only it were true, Sam thought.

The End