Disclaimer: I’m not sure I need a disclaimer, but I’ll write one anyway. I do not own Stargate SG-1 or any of the characters contained herein. I own nothing but this story.

Notes: A bit more than a drabble, but not a lot more. I’ve had this idea for a long time. I don’t even remember when I wrote it. Anyway I re-read it and thought I’d be perfect for a Daniel/Sam story. It’s non-specific, but makes me think of them.



I didn’t know why, but I suddenly had the intense desire to kiss him. I wanted to kiss him senseless. I wanted to rock his world. I didn’t. Why didn't I? Because I didn’t know how he’d react. Our friendship is too important to jeopardize, because of my silly desire. Everyday my desire only grew, it became more intense, day after day. I almost can't control myself, but I do, I must.

Forget it, I need to kiss him, taste his lips. I walk up to him and place a chaste kiss on his lips. He’s speechless, he doesn’t know how to respond. His eyes ask why, but I have no response to give.

He walks up to me and now he kisses me. I respond to his kisses by kissing him back. His kiss grows hungrier, more needy. I never want this kiss to stop, I’ve needed it for so long.


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