Title: Love 

Author: Heather

E-mail: hm9164@yahoo.com

Summary: Daniel shows up at Sam's house, not in a very good way, and she make things all better.

Pairing: Daniel/Sam

Spoilers: none


Rating: R

Warnings: adult content

Category: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate SG1. I if I did there would be a lot more action between Sam and Daniel

A/N: This fic has a lot of love between Sam and Daniel, and yes, Pete is in this story but I don't care because Sam doesn't really love him; she really is madly in love with Daniel. And I don't care what the show ever says!!!! Feedback is always wanted; just send it to my e-mail (above).

 Sam sat in her car stuck in traffic, in the rain on her way home from a long three days off world. She looked at her watch, 9:45. She knew that all she wanted to do was take a long hot bath; that was, if she ever got home. What was going on? She tried to see past the car ahead of her.

 After about fifteen minutes the cars started to move again. She saw a large deer being moved onto the back of a truck. Well now she knew what had been holding up that traffic.

  Not too long after that, Sam was walking in her front door.  She pulled off her jacket and threw it aside. Then she started the water for her long awaited bath. She slipped out of the bathroom as she pulled off her shirt, went to her bedroom and grabbed some bath candles and some lavender bathing oils. She had been planning this bath for the last three days. She slid off her pants as she left her room and put the candles and oils in the bathroom, and then went to make herself a cup of hot tea.

 She loved the fact that she didn't have to worry about having to wear anything and didn't have anyone rushing her to take her bath.  No, she could just take her time and she loved it.

 But her happiness was pulled away by a knock on her front door. She rushed to her bathroom, grabbed her bath robe, and made a dash for the door. When she opened it, Daniel was standing there, completely soaked.

 "Daniel." She pulled him inside. "Oh my God, are you okay?"

He said nothing, but he was shaking from the icy cold water dripping down his body.

 "Stay here."

She ran into her room, grabbed a large pair of sweat pants and her other bathrobe, and made her way back out to Daniel.  He hadn't even seemed to breathe since she stepped away; he was so still.

 She walked over to him and pulled his jacket off with no reaction from Daniel. She looked up at him before she started unbuttoning his shirt. She slowly undid each button, hoping that he would stop her and do it himself; but he didn't. When she got to the last one, she gazed over his chest before slipping the shirt off and onto the now soaked floor beneath them.

 "Daniel," she said, putting the robe over his shoulders. "Can you take off your pants and put this on so you don't freeze to death?"

She looked at him, waiting for him to do something. He nodded slowly and Sam pointed to the bathroom. "I'll go make you a cup of coffee."

 She watched him make his way into the bathroom before turning to get him a hot cup of coffee, which she knew would help him. Whatever was bothering him had gone down deep. Sam had never seen him this way, not even after his dear Sha’re had died.

 Sam turned to see Daniel standing in the hallway outside of the bathroom. She made her way over to him. She had no idea what to do, so she pulled him into a hug, and was relieved to feel his arms wrap around her back and pull her closer to him.

"Daniel, what happened?"

She looked up at him from the warmth of his arms. His big blue eyes were clouded with a lost look of nothingness and it sent a shiver down her spine.

 She laid her head against his chest again, and she could hear his heart beating under the robe that was loosely tied around his body.

 "I don't know."

She looked up at his as he answered the question that she had asked him minutes ago. She led him into the living room and sat him on the coach.

 "Daniel, what do you mean that you don't know?" she said as she sat down next to him, leaving only a few inches between them.

 "I don't know were to start.  I remember being on the base and then, well, everything just started flooding back."

 "What came flooding back?"

A tear ran down his face.

 "Everything that ever hurt." The one tear became many tears. "I can remember the pain from everything, but it’s worse because it's not just the pain from one or two things, its pain from everything from when my parents died to the last few days."

 "Oh, Daniel, I'm so sorry.  But, what were you doing outside in the pouring rain?"

 "Um, well, I had to do something to try and clear my mind, so I left the base for a walk.  I just couldn't go back, so I just kept walking and after a while I saw your house and I knocked.  I'm sorry."

 "No, it's fine, Daniel.  I'd rather have you in here then out there."

She wanted to say more, but was cut off by her phone. "Hold on."

She got up and grabbed the phone.


 "Hey, babe."

 "Hi, Pete, um can I talk to you later?"

 "Why? I've been dying to talk to you and I wanted to know if I could pop on by so we could have some fun?"

 "Not tonight, Pete."

Sam heard Daniel coughing in the living room.

 "Is there someone over there, Sam?"

 "Um, yeah … Daniel Jackson.  He needed a friend to talk to, so I told him he could come over."

 "Why didn't you just talk on the phone?" he said, starting to sound almost jealous about Daniel being in her house.

 "Because this is something where I needed to be here for him, okay?  I'll talk to you later."

She hung up the phone and went back to the couch where Daniel was still sitting.  Sam could see him trying to hide the shivering of his body.

 "You’re freezing."

She grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders.  When she went to sit back down on the other side of the couch, Daniel grabbed her arm, pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his body.  Even though he was shivering, the skin of his exposed chest was warm.

 She knew she should pull away, and that she shouldn't like the feeling under his touch. She looked up into his blue eyes and then she took in the look of his whole face.  She couldn’t help herself from looking at his lips, wondering how they felt and what they would taste like.

 It was that moment when she let his lips cover hers with no regrets.  She knew that it would hurt Pete if he ever found out, but right now she didn't care.

 She kissed him deeper and as he pulled her closer, she slid her hands down his chest and untied the belt of his robe. He let her pull it off of him as he slid her robe onto the floor without even bothering to untie it.  He pulled his lips from hers and then started kissing down her neck.  She couldn't help but let out a moan, as his lips seemed to burn her skin with passion. She arched her back as his mouth covered her nipple and sucked on it softly.
 She started to pull at the waist of his pants as he kissed her breasts, and slowly he moved just enough so that she could slide them off of his hips and onto the floor. Her eyes fell on his long hardness, and for a brief second she felt guilty. But, that was overwhelmed by her love for Daniel.

 He ran his hands over her back and around her hips. He pulled his lips off of her breasts and then kissed her lips once again before sliding his long hardness into her. She let a loader moan out as he did so. He slowly pumped her in a slow rhythm, and as she fell into the rhythm, he slowly sped up bit by bit.

 The pleasure seemed to last forever, and yet only seconds had passed.  When he released himself into her she knew it was over and all she wanted was more. He laid her down on the couch, pulling himself out of her and then laid down over her, kissing her softly.


He kissed her again. "I love you."

He kissed her nose.

 "I love you too, Daniel."  She pulled him down against her.  "I love you, too."