An Old Tradition

Author: Jess

Rating: PG

Subjects: Drabble, romance, humor, holiday

Spoilers: None. Takes place Season 7 or 8-ish.

Summary: Daniel finds himself in a little trouble. My entry for the Sam-Daniel-Rebellion Advent Drabble Challenge. The prompt was “mistletoe.”

Disclaimer: All that standard stuff applies. I don't own them, never did and never will. But they are fun to play with.


“You've done it now, Danny boy.”

Sam just grinned.


“If only Daniel Jackson had moved several centimeters to the right. But he is now-”


Sam's grin widened.

“Seriously, guys ... What?”

Wordlessly she gestured above.


Jack snickered. Teal'c gazed stoically, almost contritely.

Both preceded Sam leaping onto Daniel and fulfiling that old Christmas tradition. A tradition sweetened by the intoxicating scent of her skin, the mingling tastes of eggnog and peppermint, and the heat generated each and every time she shared this gift with him, be it Christmas or any old day.

And this was somehow a problem?


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