Warnings: None except that it’s AU.

Pairings: Sam and Daniel (do I write anything else?)

Rating: G

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Sam had a toothache. She didn’t get them often, but when she did ‘hoo boy.’ You did not want to get on her bad side when she had a toothache, not that you ever wanted to get on her bad side.

She was easily angered when she was in pain. She had snapped at Lt. Simmons when he gave her the wrong file folder and tore into him. She scared him so much that he dropped all of the folders he had which only raised her ire.

She grabbed the right folder and stormed into the briefing room. Throughout the entire briefing she had to bite her tongue so she wouldn’t lash out at the General or her CO. When the briefing was over she left in quite a huff.

“Are you okay?” asked Daniel a moment later.

“I’m fine,” she snapped walking faster, she didn’t want to blow up at Daniel. He followed her worried.

“You’re not fine. What’s wrong?” asked Daniel as they entered her lab.

“I have a toothache,” mumbled Sam almost inaudibly.

“Anything I can do?” asked Daniel his eyes expressing his concern. Sam was slightly surprised that her heard her, but at the same time she wasn’t.

“No,” grumbled Sam.

“Where does it hurt?” inquired Daniel. She sighed and pointed to the lower left side of her jaw. What Daniel did next surprised her. He leaned forward and pressed the softest of kisses to the spot she had indicated.

“Uh...” said Sam pretty much speechless.

“Sorry. I was just trying to help,” stuttered Daniel. Before he could react he felt her lips on his. When they first touched his he was rendered immobile, but less than a minute later he began to respond. They didn’t pull away until breathing became and issue. “What about your toothache?”

“What toothache?” asked Sam capturing his lips again. Apparently Daniel could help and he was just the remedy she needed.

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