Season 1 Episode 2 - The Enemy Within


By Jess


Short summary:


Kawalsky was infected with a goa’uld during the end of the Chulak mission and goes on a wild rampage of the base, knocking Sam out cold and trying to get to the Stargate. Meanwhile, Jack tries like hell to get his superiors to trust Teal’c. An operation to remove the goa’uld is unsuccessful, as it has complete control over Kawalsky, who is eventually killed at the end.



Sam and Daniel Point of View:


Daniel: “So, this iris is gonna HOLD, right?” The pointed stare he gives Sam says that he hopes that’s her answer … that, and that he’s really starting to be attracted to her and finds it hard to take his eyes off her (Wishful Thinking Alert™).


We see the Science Twins holding their very first briefing together (thus earning them the nickname “Science Twins”) as they explain the DHD!! *giggle* Daniel struggles to find the right word to describe it when Sam supplies, “telephone.” Daniel: Telephone … I like that. He trails off as he walks over to the window and notices Kawalsky standing in front of the gate. He asks “What is Major Kawalsky doing in the Embarkation Room?” before he and Sam share a curious look.


We then see Daniel and Sam exiting the elevator together as Sam shows concern for Daniel by asking when the last time he slept was. He admits how the loss of Sha’re is taking its toll on him. Sam, trying to be helpful like the good friend she is, insists that he can’t stay awake forever. Daniel replies, “I can try,” as he holds up his cup of coffee and gives her a sad smile, which is enough to make even the hardened cynic go, “Awwwwww!!!” He admits that she’s right and that he’ll go have a nap and meet her at the next briefing. Sam gives him a kind pat on the shoulder.


Before Kawalsky’s operation, he asks if he’d hurt anybody while he was in his goa’uld-controlled state. Daniel assures him that Sam will be fine, and that he was just on his way to check on her. How sweet. J


Sam and Daniel watch the progress of Kawalsky’s operation together. Daniel is holding out hope that there will still be some hope for Sha’re if the operation is successful. Sam gives him a look and says, “let’s hope,” in a bit of a half-hearted way. This could be interpreted as slight jealousy, at least in my point of view.


At the end, as SG-1 is getting ready to embark on their first off world mission as a complete team, Sam and Daniel are walking towards the gate room, Sam telling Daniel that there is hope for Sha’re and Skaara since the goa’uld set the auto destruct codes, and only Kawalsky could have known those codes. Daniel realizes, “Something of the host must survive.” Sam may not want to admit it to herself so she doesn’t show much enthusiasm. She simply nods at him and walks away. Daniel watches her go, a bit surprised by her conclusion and hopeful, but possibly also mystified by Sam’s lack of enthusiasm (okay, maybe not really!).


Sam/Daniel moment count: 5

Shippiness factor: 4

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