Sam and Daniel Episode Images

In this section, you will find image galleries of Sam and Daniel moments from seasons one through ten.  Not all of these galleries are complete, or have images in them due mostly to the fact that some episodes didn't have much (if any) interaction between our Science Twins.  They are all here for your viewing pleasure.  I only ask that you do a few things:

1. You are allowed to take these pics and use them, but I'd appreciate it if you'd give credit to this site in some way (a link would be fine).  Please do not hotlink.  It uses up bandwidth.  Instead, save them to your computer and upload them wherever you want, i.e. Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.

2.  If you have any screen caps that you'd like to donate, please feel free, especially if they're pics that I don't have up in the galleries already.  You can send them to me here. I also have larger versions of most of the pics if you'd like any.

08/11/09: Added 112 screen caps from Children of the Gods: The Final Cut.
09/19/08: Added 85 screen caps from Stargate: Continuum, the second DVD movie. Promotional photos will be added to this section shortly.
05/13/07: New pictures for The First Commandment have been added.
04/23/07: Added pictures from S9's Camelot, plus some new pictures for Politics. Look for new pictures for The First Commandment soon.
04/16/07: Added pictures from S9's Crusade and added a few more to Tin Man from S1.
04/03/07: Added pictures from S9's The Scourge and Arthur's Mantle, plus S10's Memento Mori and Unending (again, MAJOR SPOILERS for this final episode of the show).
03/27/07: Added pictures from S9's Stronghold, Ethon, and Off the Grid, plus S10's Family Ties and Dominion.
03/22/07: Added pictures from S9's Collateral Damage and Ripple Effect.
02/24/07: Added pictures from S9's Fourth Horseman, Parts 1 and 2, as well as S10's Bounty and Talion (again, major spoilers here!).
02/03/07: Added pictures from S9's Babylon, S10's The Shroud (major spoilers here as with all eps for the second half of S10!), and a few more pics to Cor Ai and Enigma from S1.
01/19/07: Added pictures from Beachhead and Ex Deus Machina, as well as S10's The Quest Part 2. I only have four pictures from this episode. If anyone has any other shots with Sam and Daniel from this episode, please email me; I'd be very interested in having them.
01/13/07: Added pictures from Moebius Part 2.
01/09/07: Added pictures from Threads and Moebius Part 1.
12/27/06: Added pictures from Covenant to Reckoning, Part II in S8. I should be adding pics from Threads soon. Also added some more pictures to most of the S1 albums.
11/13/06: Pictures from the remaining episodes of S7 have been added, and there are also pictures for S8 up to Affinity. More are coming soon!
10/09/06: Added 38 pictures from Chimera, 4 pictures from Death Knell, and 22 pictures from Heroes, Part 1. I hope to finish up the screencaps from S7 soon.
9/30/06: Added 4 pictures from Enemy Mine, 30 pictures from Space Race, 5 pictures from Avenger 2.0, 18 pictures from Birthright, 10 pictures from Evolution Part 1, 2 pictures from Evolution Part 2, 35 pictures from Grace, and 4 pictures from Fallout (all S7). Also added 19 pictures from In the Company of Thieves, and 25 from The Quest Part 1. Thanks again to Rottie for providing some of the pics from these two S10 eps!
9/06/06: Added 28 pictures from Revisions and 1 picture from Lifeboat (both S7).
8/13/06: Added 37 pictures from S7's Orpheus.
8/06/06: Pictures from S10's The Pegasus Project, as well as some Episode Promotional pictures, are up. Thanks to Rottie for providing some of the pics! There will be more to come soon.

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