Sam/Daniel and Stargate Links

Here is a list of great Sam/Daniel sites, as well as general Stargate SG-1 sites. There's more sites out there than you would think, but these are my personal favorites. If you have a site which you'd like me to add, please email me and I'll add it here.

Sam/Daniel Sites

Stargate Translations: Nice archive of fan fiction and music videos.
Another highly recommended fan fiction archive.
The Wormhole: Sam/Daniel : Callea's Sam/Daniel site with pictures, fanfiction, S/D moments, and convention reports/pics.
Viewing the world through Sam/Daniel colored glasses : Nice S/D site with pics, fanfiction and S/D episode guide.

Korak Lives: Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction : Fan Fiction by Meriem Clayton, who writes some great Sam/Daniel centric stories! Check out her site. :)
Christine's Pen & Ink : My friend Christine's great site, featuring Stargate fan fiction (all Sam/Daniel centric), as well as great stuff like icons and wallpapers. Please check it out, and tell her I sent ya! ;)
Winter Jameson's fanfiction : Stargate fanfiction by Winter Jameson aka my friend Cindy. Some great reads, especially her Sam/Daniel stories. Check them out!
Soul Mates: Daniel & Sam : Maureen's Sam/Daniel fanfiction.
Amaranth Traces and Thraesja - SG-1 Fanfiction : These two gals write some great SG-1 stories, many of them Sam/Daniel. While you're there, check out their forum and their random planet name and designation generators.
Science and the Human Heart : Lovely discussion about Sam/Daniel and why it works.

General Stargate SG-1 Sites

The Stargate Novel Archive : Great archive of stories 150 KB in size and bigger.

Sevgate: Stargate SG1 cartoon satire : Funny stuff!

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